1. Ordinary members shall be medical practitioners in Singapore who hold a registerable qualification and who are practising Thoracic Medicine or are interested in Thoracic Medicine.
  2. Associate members shall be scientific workers and personnel of ancillary services in Singapore who are interested in Thoracic Medicine.
  3. Honorary members shall be distinguished persons who have rendered notable services to the Society or to the advancement of Thoracic Medicine.
  4. Ordinary and Associate membership shall be by application to the Honorary Secretary. Honorary members shall be recommended by the Council and elected by a simple majority at a General Meeting.
  5. The Council may refuse an application for membership of the Society without assigning any reason.
  6. A member of the Society may at any time cease to be a member by giving notice in writing to that effect addressed to the Honorary Secretary at the registered place of business of the Society.


Subject to any future decision of the Society at a General Meeting, the annual subscriptions shall be as follows:

  • Ordinary Member : $35.00
  • Associate Member : $10.00
  • Honorary Member : Nil

Rights and Privileges of Membership

  1. Only Ordinary members of the Society shall be entitled to vote and hold office.
  2. Associate and Honorary members shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of Ordinary Member except that they shall not be eligible to hold office or vote.

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