About Us

Aims of the Singapore Thoracic Society

  1. To advance the knowledge and practice of Thoracic Medicine;
  2. To promote research in Thoracic Medicine;
  3. To promote regional and international co-operation in Thoracic Medicine;
  4. To acquire and publish literature and scientific works in Thoracic Medicine;
  5. To organise clinical meetings, seminars, conventions and all such acts and things incidental or subsidiary to all or any of the above.


The Society was inaugrated on 11 Nov 1974. The first elected President of the Society of Dr Chew Chin Hin.

Over the years, the Society has hosted:
  • XXVIth IUAT World Conference on Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases. Westin Stamford Hotel. 4 – 7 Nov 1986 
  • 3rd Congress of the Asia Pacific Society of Respirology. The Mandarin Singapore. 7 – 10 Oct 1993

Honorary Members

1978    Prof J W Crofton (Edinburgh, UK)
1978    Dr Wallace Fox (Brompton Hospital, London, UK) 
1981    Dr Ian W B Grant (Northern General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK) 
1998    Prof Chew Chin Hin (Singapore) 
1998    Dr William Chan (Singapore) 
2008    Prof Henri Colt (University of California Irvine, USA)